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Scottish construction sector 'turning the corner'

0.0 / 29 July /
Scottish construction sector 'turning the corner'

The Scottish construction industry appears to be showing signs of enjoying a period of growth, as new figures reveal it may have finally turned the corner. According to a study by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics), activity in the sector is now edging steadily upwards. Indeed, it noted that during the second quarter of the year some 11 per cent more surveyors said they were experiencing a rising workload. This made the second quarter of 2013 the most positive of any such period since the first three months of 2008. Further good news for those in the construction trade came in the shape of a prediction from Rics that this positive trend is likely to continue over the coming year. In fact, 33 per cent more respondents suggested they feel they will witness rising workloads in the next 12 months compared to those who felt they would fall. Sarah Speirs, director of Rics Scotland, said: "It is most definitely good news that the amount of construction taking place across the country seems to have turned a corner. Increasing numbers of homes, infrastructure projects, shops and offices can only be good for the wider economy." Any boom in construction is good not only for the sector itself but also the wider UK economy. Statistics show that every £1 that is spent on construction in the country generates a total of almost £3 of financial growth. There are also signs that the collapse in profitability previously seen in the industry is now starting to be reversed in Scotland. Some 22 per cent more chartered surveyors said they believe job opportunities in construction will increase in the next year, which is a huge plus for thousands of people. Such a trend may even persuade some individuals across Scotland and the rest of the UK to seek the qualifications and experience that will help them to land construction jobs and maintain a long and successful career in the industry.

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