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Local construction workers to build V&A Dundee

0.0 / 21 August /
Local construction workers to build V&A Dundee

Construction workers from Dundee have been promised they will be given key roles in the building of a brand new museum project in the city. A new £45 million V&A Dundee scheme is currently the subject of a tender process, with many of Europe's largest construction firms bidding to win the right to oversee the development. The Evening Telegraph has reported that while there is an international feel to the bids, local Dundee workers will certainly benefit. One of the stipulations that has already been laid down by Dundee City Council is that it will view any offers from construction companies that involve using local labour more favourably than those that do not. Mike Galloway, director of city development at the council, said: "In choosing tenders we will be swayed by those intending to use Dundee workmen. "We have asked all potential contractors to tell us what they are going to do to maximise local employment and this will form part of our consideration in awarding the tender. We want to get the maximum possible benefit for Dundee and the city region." Despite these promising words, Mr Galloway was unable to give any estimates over how many construction jobs could be created in Dundee. With such a prestigious project taking place in the city, there will be hopes that plenty of positions may be on the agenda. All of the subcontractors applying for any contracts are being asked to detail how they would involve local workers in their operations. Philip Long, director of V&A Dundee, added that there is plenty more to look forward to than only construction benefits. He suggested as many as 500,000 visitors are likely to head to the new museum in its first year of opening. This should provide a boom for the local economy that continues long after the advantages of the construction work begin to wear off, although for now these are a major focus for developers and councillors.

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