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Festival to showcase importance of engineering

0.0 / 18 June /
Festival to showcase importance of engineering

The people of Derby and surrounding areas will be told of the importance of engineering and securing qualifications relating to it when a popular festival comes to the area next month. Big Bang East Midlands is scheduled to take place on July 2nd and will provide a demonstration of exactly why engineering - as well as science, technology and mathematics - is so important. The Derby Telegraph has told how getting this message across is to be the major aim of the entire event, and bosses want attendees to leave with these subjects in mind. Companies from Derbyshire and beyond are set to be in place at the festival and they will showcase these topics and their relevance to industry. It is the first time the event has taken place in Derby, so a previously untapped audience could be persuaded to consider engineering jobs and take a path that will get them there. In excess of 1,500 youngsters aged between 11 and 14 are already booked to attend, with the festival set to take place on Derby College's Roundhouse campus. Diana Graham, chief executive of the Science Council, said: "The world of science and engineering is open to everyone - and there is a great variety of jobs all over the UK, at all levels and in lots of surprising environments. There's no one type of scientist and no single type of engineer." Rolls-Royce, which is based in Derby, is one of the firms taking part and it has even created an online resource that schools can use to teach children more about the benefits of seeking a career in science, technology, engineering or maths. A spokesman for the car manufacturer explained it can be a surprise to find out how many careers incorporate at least one of these subjects in some way. He went on to note that jobs "to suit all personalities and all skill levels" will be available to those who prioritise these areas.

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