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Digital Service Architect

UK Central Government
UK, London
£550+ per day
Contract, 1 month, Full time
Industry: Government
Discipline: Technical Architect

The Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC) is an independent public body that selects judges in the courts and tribunals, and non-legal tribunal members. The JAC selects judicial candidates through fair and open competition, encouraging a wide range of quality candidates to apply for the posts that it advertises.

● Will start full time, 5 days a week for the first 2 weeks only and then reduce down to 2 days a week for the remainder of the contract

● Provides a coherent technical strategy based on their experience and analysis of JAC Digital needs

● Supports senior developers on the team

● Alpha and Beta phase development of a new service to replace legacy application

● Assist in JAC’s ongoing development of a digital team and compliance with’s Digtial Service Standard

● Has an understanding of the whole system

● Works with other disciplines to understand what needs to be built

Main duties

As a Technical architect you will provide technical architect and advice for the digital service platform and you will:

● Devise a full documented technical architecture for the Digital Platform

● Ensure reliable operation of the legancy system until it is fully deprecated

● Provide appropriate guidance for senior developers

● Work on the alpha/beta phase of the replacement service

● Work on data migration from the legancy to the replacement service if required

● Assist with team development to ensure JAC have a sustainable model to allow them to own and maintain overall service without recourse to rigid, long-running and expensive procurement-model contracts

● Assist in development of JAC’s digital team.

The JAC is responsible for designing, planning and running recruitment campaigns to select judicial office holders up to and including the High Court. We have a statutory duty to select solely on merit, while keeping our selection processes open to the widest range of applicants.


You will have experience of:

● working in an Agile environment

● Strong problem solving skills

● Good communication with clients and managers – listening and providing answers

● Good knowledge of GDS best practice

● Ability to work untder pressure, adapt and prioritise

● Ability to think ahead and antipate problems, issues and solutions

● working with continuous integration and continuous deployment

● working in a team using GitHub

● client-side JavaScript (in modern web browsers)

● server-side JavaScript (Node.js)

● working in a peer-reviewed environment

● Solid knowledge of fundamentals of security, authentication and authorisation

● Fundamentals of system design and architecture

Desirable knowledge, skills and experience

Ideally, you will also have some experience with:

● serverless architecture, in particular Google Cloud and Firebase

● Single Page Applications, in particular Vue.js or React

● JavaScript testing frameworks, in particular Jest

● testing serverles architecture and Single Page Applications

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